Rainbow in Hell is an animated feature film for family audiences. It’s written by Tessa Moult-Milewska and produced by Animoon (titled Producer of the Year at Cartoon Tributes 2022). It’s currently in development thanks to funds from the Polish Film Institute.

This is a story of a hyper optimstic girl called Rainbow, who grew up not knowing much about her father and is devoted to sharing her life on Tik Tok. On the morning of her 12th birthday she receives a card from her long lost parent, that is also an invitation to visit him in Hell (it so happens the gate to Hell is at the Hel Peninsula in Poland). She has to convince her teenage brother to join her on this clumsy adventure to the depths of Hell and self exploration to realise that her family doesn’t have to be normal or stereotypical to feel complete.

The project was selected and developed during the Cinanima Script Lab 2022/23.

Character designs by Kris ‘iZeMo’.