Tv series for 6-9 YEAR OLDS, 52X11’, The 13 scripts were financed by the Screenwriting Scholarship of the Polish Film Institute and written by me in 2017. The concept and visual art developed in 2016 at La Poudriere with Mor Isreali and Zsuzsanna Banyai, with animation sequences created at the Animation Workshop in Viborg. The project was pitched during Cartoon Sprinboard and Animation Production Days at ITFS Stuttgart.

This series is a modern fairy tale about adventure and friendship between nine-year-old Sara and her best friend – the clumsy, but loving Scarecrow. Sara spends her holidays on an isolated farm with her Granny Yaga.
The forest around is full of wonderful creatures inspired by the world’s animalistic mythologies. They impersonate the forces of nature, but often have similar problems to hers.

The rights to the scripts have been optioned for two years, but now have returned to me and since 2022 I am adapting them into a comic book with two Polish artists, Adam Święcki and Anna Zając. Once published, I would like to return to the idea of bringing this story to a series.